Web App Development

You don’t have a website?  You don’t say…

These days, a website isn’t just about being online for the sake of being online, it’s about being somewhere people can find you.  Sure, big companies have websites too, but so do hairdressers, green grocers and boutiques.  Your small-town business could bring in customers from the next village, if only they knew you were there.

Have a website last edited in 2007?

Already have a web presence?  Great.  But have to call ‘the web guy’ every time you need a change to it?  Let us take your static website and turn it into something that you can edit yourself anytime you want. Using open source CMS (content management system) technologies such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal you can keep the look and feel of your website, but have the power to make changes to the content yourself.

And, if you need a bit of help with new content, we can help with that too.  Sometimes a website doesn’t need re-doing, it just needs freshening up.  Has your company grown or downsized, maybe changed directions in this tough economy, and you want your website to be more current?  You run your business, we’ll do the word-smithing.

Original work, from the ground up

All of our websites are completely bespoke – all of the graphics, all of the content – it’s all you.  Though we tend to set up mostly CMS-based websites these days, we can do very basic HTML setups.  Need a new logo?  We do that too.  Your web presence is your store window on the world, so it should look just right.

I don’t even know where to start on the interweb

Your only knowledge of hosting is a get-together with friends at your house?  No worries.  If ‘domains’, ‘URLs’, and ‘hosting’ are a little out of your comfort zone, you’re not the only one.  We can help you set up a website with just an idea.

Moving beyond your website

Once you’ve got a website – and everyone should have one – you still might not be reaching all of your customers.  Remember, for them to be on your website, they have to find you first.  Worried your website doesn’t rank high enough on search engines?  It’s probably the content – and we can help you fine tune it.  Or, we can help you select the right ad words to boost your chances.

They say the best business is word of mouth – and these days that means ‘liked’ or ‘tweeted’.  Sometimes customers find you, but you can find customers by making yourself more visible via social networking.  If a friend has ‘liked’ your business, a friend of a friend might go straight to you just on that basis, before even searching online.  We can help you set up Facebook, Twitter and other social networking opportunities so that you can be there when they do.