According to a new survey, passengers believe they should not pay extra for wi-fi on flights.

The Holiday Extras survey found that a massive 84% of more than four thousand travellers surveyed would prefer not to have inflight internet access than pay extra for the privilege.

25% even thought that it was inappropriate to charge because access to the internet is fast becoming a human right. 

27% of men and 23% of women felt that they would make productive use of wi-fi access on a flight, whereas others surveyed were ambivalent about the effect of access, stating that they would choose to ignore emails while they ate their inflight meal or watched a film. 10% admitted that knowing they had access to their emails and work would mean that they could not fully relax.

James Lewis, head of partnerships for Holiday Extras said: “There is undoubtedly an appetite for internet connectivity on planes but price could be the stumbling block.”

“Of course, airlines need to be sure that the cost of providing wi-fi on board can be justified; there’s no doubt that it’s a necessity for business travellers, but most holidaymakers like to utilise the time before the flight and the flight itself to get into the holiday mood – making the most of their valuable leisure time.”


Would you use wi-fi on a flight? And would you pay for the privilege?