Solution Architecting

A common approach for customers who are moving to AWS is to simply move systems from on-premise data-centres straight into the cloud (aka Lift and Shift approach).  Whilst this is certainly a viable solution, it is not always the best and will sometimes result in less of a cost saving than had been expected. The reason is simply that traditional servers are purchased based upon maximum resources, for example an e-commerce system will be scoped based upon peak usage so it is able to cope during high demand and not collapse into a heap just when you need it most.  Without careful analysis of your applications actual resource usage over time, right-sizing the target server instance in AWS is hard. Customers often overcompensate so end up paying for more compute capacity than they actually need.

Our Solution Architects are able to work with you to help you get the best out of AWS, to help with right-sizing, or to look at different approaches than lift and shift method.  We understand all of the different services that AWS offer, so we can help you build systems which are highly-available, fault tolerant and correctly sized for the demand…at the time of the demand.   For example, we can help you design systems, which are extremely cost effective by scaling down during low usage or even serverless solutions where you only pay for the time it takes your code to execute.

By making use of the wide range of AWS services, we are able to help customers realise much greater cost savings, benefit from fast scaling (when actually needed), and steer them to becoming much more ‘cloud-native’, agile and flexible than before.  Once systems are solutioned and built using the tools available in the cloud, customers can concentrate on their core business rather than spending time and money having to maintain and update underlying systems.

Architecting solutions in AWS requires a broad understanding of the different products available and how they can be brought together to develop modern, flexible and reliable IT Infrastructure.  Here at Dune Root we have the knowledge and experience, so call us today to discuss how we can help you on your journey to Amazon Web Services.