I have an office full of computers, but they don’t really work together.

Most offices start of with just a few people and a few computers, and once it grows to more than a few it can really move business along to have everything connected.  Most organisations have at least a few requirements for shared resources, for instance documents that everyone needs access to.  We can help you get everyone connected, whether it’s actually putting everyone on the same ‘system’ they can log on to or just setting up a file server.  We’re a big fan of Google Apps, and it might be that your whole office can work online together using Google Apps for free.  We can set it up.  (We use Google Apps, too.)  We have built networks, big and small, from the ground up – including computers, servers, printers, telephones – even the building security system.

We’ve outgrown our network

Good networks start small and grow organically, but at some point may very well need re-architecture.  We can evaluate your current system and make helpful suggestions.  If your network goes down,what happens?  We can create more redundancy in your system, redirecting network traffic when things go wrong.  We can implement RAID technology in your current server, or build a new one for you.  We can also fine tune your switch configuration (VLANs, spanning tree protocol, etc.) to make the best use of the network you have.

Our network isn’t as well-protected as it should be

Your network should be a safe place just like your place of work should be a safe place.  No one ever thinks that they’re the likely target of a hacker, but these days it’s the robots that are looking, not people – and the robots will find the back door if there is one.  Are your firewall settings what they should be?  Is your anti-virus software installed, updated and 100% functional on each and every device in your network?  We have experience making networks of all sizes safe and secure using a variety of techniques.  Our favourites for workstation environments include Kaspersky, AVG, and Sophos, but we can also work whatever you already have.  Our most robust systems make networks secure at the highest level leveraging technology such as pfSense, Untangle, and Squid.

One often overlooked aspect of network security is the threat on the inside.  Sure, it’s unlikely that one of your office workers is hacking the system, but…what if they are?  Far more likely is the office worker that makes a genuinely innocent mistake that compromises network security.  Your network should promote efficient communication whilst protecting the safety of the workstations being used, the people using them, and the network as a whole.  A well-secured network will stop bad things from happening before they happen.

That all sounds neat, but I was just hoping to hook up a few computers to a printer…?

Yes, we do that, too.  Even if your office has just a few computers, you can benefit from them being networked properly.  You don’t necessarily need a big fancy network – we’ll work with the computers you have to make your office more efficient.