The security of computer systems is at the forefront of every CIO in every company across the world, with no apparent let up in the number or complexity of cyber attacks.  Whether the perpetrator is a bored teenager sitting at home, or a large highly organised criminal group, the security of IT Infrastructure is under constant threat. AWS and other public cloud providers are extremely good at securing ‘the cloud’ itself, and ensuring tools and systems are available to fend off even the most sophisticated attempts.   However, with the simplicity and speed of deploying servers, storing data and developing applications in the cloud, customers often overlook key settings or do not fully understand how part of the responsibility for cloud security still lies with them.

At Dune Root we do understand, and we are able to work closely with clients to fully analyse their AWS environment, and to identify where potential gaps exist.  We can advise where security holes may be present, where the configuration of components might not follow best practices of AWS or industry-recognised security specialists, and we can sometimes identify additional AWS services or third-party products which can be implemented to greatly improve the security standing of the customer account.

In a blog on the Gartner website, Research Vice President Jay Heiser believes that “Through 2022, at least 95% of cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault”.   Call us today to discuss how we can help to ensure your use of Amazon Web Services is as secure as possible, and to help protect your applications, data and business from the ongoing threat of cyber-attack.