AWS EC2 servers are the virtualized equivalents of the servers you would see in a data centre. Our clients utilise both Windows and Linux EC2 servers. We have recently consulted on:

  • Replicating an in-house Active Directory deployment over to AWS. This enabled centralised management, scalability (via CloudFormation) and disaster recovery.
  • Scalable on-demand processing for files, using Amazon’s simple queue service (SQS) with a farm of 24 EC2 servers scaling up and down to process those files
  • Automatic provisioning of EC2 instances using Chef. Automatic deployment of extract-transform-load (ETL) operations on data. This loaded large datasets from Amazon RDS (MSSQL) into RedShift (via S3 for parallel processing), ready for analysis in JasperSoft business intelligence studio. With one API call, the whole system would run in an hour and email reports to the business’ board. This was scheduled nightly using AWS scheduled events.