Data & Analysis

There are a wide range of services and resources available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to meet any and all Data and Analysis needs, see below to get a better idea of the solutions we can provide…

Data and Analytics

Transforming data into a valuable corporate asset is a complex process that can require several technologies, tools, and environments. We help customers collect, store, govern, and analyse data so they can get insights faster and at a lower cost. The flexibility and scalability of AWS allows us to build secure and easy-to-use data and analytics solutions into a source of value generation for customers. Using these solutions our customers can deploy virtually any big data solution that can grow along with their business.

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Data Lakes

AWS provides the most complete big data platform for a Data Lake, helping you to securely and cost-effectively collect, store, and analyse massive volumes of heterogeneous data. With a Data Lake on AWS, you can store data as is – even both structured and unstructured data. You can leverage the data to answer unanticipated questions, helping you to gain new business insights. Building your Data Lake on AWS enables you to choose the right technology, or technologies, to manage your big data pipeline and build modular systems to store, process, and analyse data on-demand.

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Real Time Analytics

Amazon Web Services provides highly scalable, easy-to-use, and cost-efficient solutions designed to collect, process, and analyse streaming data in real-time, so you can make informed decisions quickly.  

The breadth and flexibility of AWS analytics services ensure that you’re are equipped with the tools for your necessary for real-time application needs. These services include storage, event processing, security, analytics and visualisation, and machine learning. AWS tools easily integrate with one another, which eliminate the need for building and maintaining custom integrations.

Using on-demand resources, you can even seamlessly scale your applications to handle spikes in data.

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