Customer Relationship Management

Working with SuiteCRM (and SugarCRM), an open-source Customer Relationship Management System, we can design and create a bespoke CRM system that is not only built to suit your business requirements but allows for unique and granular details.

We understand that businesses are as varying and individual as their owners. The way an accountant manages their customers will differ from how a manufacturer would. Logically their Customer Relationship Management systems should reflect this allowing them to work in the most effective way for them.

Establishing and maintaining a good relationship with your customers is imperative,  particularly when a team of people are working together on that relationship, you need to ensure that everyone is up to date on where things stand. Each interaction with a customer needs to be captured quickly and easily, so that the next interaction starts off right. A customer does not want to explain everything to one person and then have to explain it again to someone else. Exchanges with customers should be seamless and focused on moving things forward.

Workflow can also be built into your CRM, so that not only are your relationships with customers better understood, but the sales process or the work you’re doing for them can be better structured and tracked from start to finish. We can also improve how your business reacts to customers and even become proactive – with a bespoke SugarCRM system you can diarize when exactly to contact each customer so that you never miss an opportunity.

You’ll also have better visibility into how your customer service team is doing with easy to run reports (Crystal Reports, Zucker Reports, Jasper Reports) that make the data clear and concise.  Customer service managers can more accurately assess how individuals or the team as a whole is doing, and strategically make improvements.