Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services Public Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a range of cloud services and resources often on pay as you go pricing. We specialise in AWS because we want our solutions to be Scalable, Highly Available and Fault Tolerant and these are just some of the many benefits we can provide given our expertise working with AWS.

We help organisations take control of their IT networks and servers via Amazon Web Services (AWS).

AWS enables us to put together powerful and complex virtual data centres, suitable for the smallest business system through to multi-million user applications.

Utilising AWS CloudFormation, we are able to build up a complete, virtual snapshot of a company’s IT infrastructure. Through automating the parameters in these CloudFormation templates, and using technologies such as AWS AutoScaling, we are able to dynamically re-allocate resources so that we are using no more and no less than what the demand and server load requires at that point in time. This allows us to optimise cost, while also perfectly matching huge spikes of load.

Traditionally, new projects would require a data-centre (or at least a cluster of servers), with enough capacity to service the highest peaks of traffic. But with AWS, we can create a minimum viable set of resources to allow the product to launch.

When growth arrives – whether gradually or via the sudden spikes associated with Christmas sales or front-page mentions – the systems scale. So startups are able to build new apps, rather than constantly fine-tuning infrastructure.

To get the most out of AWS, you need experts. Our team has been working on AWS products since AWS hit the UK in 2007. 

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