About Us

Dune Root has grown organically from just one IT guy to a crack team of technologists from a variety of backgrounds with a skillset that you won’t find anywhere else. And during that time we have naturally evolved from IT & Development to a Cloud Consultancy specialising in Amazon Web Services (AWS).

We pride ourselves on not being ‘the usual’ Tech people. Sure, we’re pretty geeky, but our people-centric approach to technology means that our first priority is listening to what you need and finding something that fits that.

So what do we do?

We’re a Cloud Consultancy with expertise and considerable experience in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Platform. We work with clients to provide workshops, one-off cloud-based solutions, consultancy and support. Whether you need advice and training, need us to implement solutions for you or work alongside your own developers we have the flexibility and experience to design and deliver a complete solution.

Much of our work on AWS involves automating infrastructure using technologies such as Chef & AWS CloudFormation. We particularly enjoy consulting for clients with new projects who need to scale to match increased demand.

We are also experts in Serverless Applications, using tools and resources such as AWS Lambda & API Gateway to integrate powerful solutions that can be automated and scaled to suit demand whilst avoiding the cost, guesswork and effort associated with managing servers.

We love data, and frequently get involved in projects to bring data from disparate business tools into a coherent system, moving data from one tool to another using APIs. Many fast-growing companies end up with data siloed across different teams. Data is entered multiple times across different applications. Then, we’re troubleshooters, putting forward solutions where data is entered once, building reporting to show metrics across the whole organisation. We make use of tools such as AWS Glue, Athena, Database Migration Service, and data warehousing solutions such as RedShift.

We began using AWS at the beginning, in 2007 (when Tom was a freelancer), and as the service has evolved, we’ve expanded too. This gives us not only knowledge of the current services and resources but knowledge of what they were and how they integrate with the rest of AWS. We’re big fans of using open-source software; and our approach is to tie multiple, specialised software together, customising as needed, rather than build a complete system from scratch.

There are different approaches to the cloud and your cloud consultants don’t have to be a bunch of elitist nerds who only talk to you in bits and bytes or techie hipsters who only speak in buzzwords and jargon. It could be a group of super-friendly geeks who love problem-solving with technology — but first, you have to get in touch!

Tom Kerswill

Managing Director

What do you do in one sentence

Look for the most interesting projects for us to work on, and keep my hand in on a technical level.

What do you like about working at Dune Root?

We have a great team and love the variety of the projects we build in AWS.

What’s your background?

Degree in Natural Sciences and Computer Science at Cambridge Uni. Went on to run IT at a small magazine publishing company, then formed my own business doing application development and IT. Got into AWS early (around 2007) when we started using it for S3. Migrated our servers to EC2 as soon as that became available. Have gradually upped the amount of AWS we do as a company. 12 years later, and most of the projects we do are 100% AWS. Became a certified professional AWS solutions architect and began working with larger resellers to deliver our services to enterprises.

What are the 3 values that drive you most?

Technical enjoyment in the work we do.


Transparency and honesty.

Name 3 things you enjoy doing when you are not working

Music (listening and writing)

Presenting the occasional radio show

Wild swimming.

Top 3 Podcast/Books/Films/Albums?

Favourite Quote?


Tom Kerswill

Steve Paton

Solutions Architect

What do you do in one sentence

Design and build secure, well-architected and cost-effective solutions using Amazon Web Services.

What do you like about working at Dune Root?

Having previously worked for a couple of large multinationals where IT systems were far from the bleeding edge of technology and where the implementation of new systems often took years, working at Dune Root is like a breath of fresh air! I now work with tools and technologies that are right at the forefront of modern technology and that allows us to deploy solutions rapidly. I like the challenge of having to get stuck into all sorts of different requests, which are often very different and where we really have to get creative with finding the right solution.

What’s your background?

I’ve always worked in and around IT. My first roles were more first-line / desktop support roles and then I eventually moved to looking after the back end systems. A large chunk of my career has been supporting Windows Servers at a global company who’s server estate reached well over 10,000 systems. Through work I was lucky enough to travel to many countries including Germany, USA, Sweden, India and Mexico, and meet many interesting people along the way. I’ve been a youth-trainee, an employee, self-employed, tupe-transfered and made redundant — and I also remember a time when we provided technical support before Google existed!        

What are the 3 values that drive you most?

Hard question actually – I’m not really a driven person, ie I don’t have goals and constantly strive to achieve them I’m very laid back and generally just enjoy each day and try as much as possible to not let things drag me down.

Name 3 things you enjoy doing when you are not working

With 2 small children, my non-working time has changed quite a bit these days, however, whenever possible I love watching live music, so gigs, shows, festivals etc. I’m a rock fan so like all the older classic bands, but am also really into the newer/younger rock bands who are still grafting really hard and keeping the scene very much alive.

I’ve been trying to learn the guitar for more years than I care to remember, but never have enough time to practice. The result is I never make progress and can only remember a handful of well-known riffs (but never full song!), but when I get the opportunity it really helps to switch off from the daily stresses.

2 kids! – they keep me very busy and have had a serious impact both of the above! However I’d not change them and they amaze me every day, it’s pretty cool watching them enjoying life without having to worry about all the grown-up stuff and some of the questions they come out with are often either hilarious…or downright terrifying!

Top 3 Podcast/Books/Films/Albums?

Films: Both Blues Brothers films are great, and for some reason I’ve always loved them. Fairly naff story lines but easy to watch without having to concentrate, and the music is great. Best enjoyed with a bottle of Southern Comfort.

Albums: I’m currently into various bands that are keeping the classic rock sound alive, so any

album by Massive Wagons, Those Damn Crows or Baleful Creed will definitely feature in my favourites playlist – If anyone is reading this and likes a similar vibe, then I’d highly recommend checking out the New Wave Of Classic Rock (NWOCR) facebook group where you can discover loads of new bands who could easily one day be the next big stadium fillers.

Favourite Quote.

“It’s 106 miles to Chicago, we’ve got a full tank, half-pack of cigarettes, it’s dark out, and we’re wearing sunglasses. Hit it!”

– Blues Brothers

Aaron Redican

Technical Project Coordinator

What do you do in one sentence

Support the team in their projects and work with no AWS clients.

What do you like about working at Dune Root?

There is a productive yet not stressful environment and the people I work with are friendly and approachable.

What’s your background?

Before joining Dune Root I was working as a Web designer, I studied media production in college and uni but found myself drawn more towards computers after leaving.

What are the 3 values that drive you most?

Honesty, patience and creativity.

Name 3 things you enjoy doing when you are not working.

Trying new restaurants

Playing games (computer or tabletop)

Going to the cinema

Top 3 Podcast/Books/Films/Albums?

H3 Podcast

Never-ending story (Film)

Doolittle by Pixies (Album)

Favourite Quote?

“A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kickboxing.”

– Emo Philips