About Us

Dune Root has grown organically from just one IT guy to a crack team of technologists from a variety of backgrounds with a skillset that you won’t find anywhere else.  We pride ourselves on not being ‘the usual’ IT people.  Sure, we’re pretty geeky, but our people-centric approach to technology means that our first priority is that your IT works for you, not hyping up the latest, greatest gadgets.

So what do we do?

We’re an IT consultancy company, providing one-off IT projects & ongoing support & consultancy. We focus on building the best, most cost-effective IT platforms, while giving solid capacity to build on. We’re experts in Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Much of our work involves automating infrastructure using technologies such as Chef & AWS CloudFormation. We particularly enjoy consulting for clients with new projects who need to scale to match increased demand.

Many of our projects involve data integration: bringing data from disparate business tools into a coherent system, moving data from one tool to another using APIs. Many fast-growing companies end up with data siloed across different teams. Data is entered multiple times across different applications. Then, we’re troubleshooters, putting forward solutions where data is entered once, building reporting to show metrics across the whole organisation. Typically we’ll write custom APIs to sync data between systems, with Pentaho’s Kettle (PDI) piping to RedShift or another data warehouse.

We’re big fans of using open-source software; and our approach is to tie multiple, specialised software together, customising as needed, rather than build a complete system from scratch.

We began using AWS at the beginning, in 2007 (when Tom was a freelancer), and as the service has evolved, we’ve expanded too. Key technology for us right now are AWS’s API Gateway & AWS Lambda, which enable us to build serverless APIs for clients, scaling without complex infrastructure.

Dune Root started in January ’09 to provide IT support to the legal sector. We’ve since transformed to cover many sectors, whilst the majority of our work’s shifted from IT support & network management to project-based consultancy. We still run plenty of networks, servers and helpdesk services for clients, though.

We like to work with other IT companies & as part of larger teams. Most of all we like building interesting solutions & tying things together.

Your IT team doesn’t have to be a bunch of elitist nerds who only talk to you in bits and bytes.  It could be a group of super-friendly nerds who love problem-solving with technology — but first you have to get in touch!