Manchester Based Cloud Consultancy

Dune Root is a Manchester-based Cloud Consultancy. We specialise in Amazon Web Services (AWS).

But what does that mean?

The cloud can seem hard to grasp, but we use this technology every day. Whether sharing files online or ordering goods to streaming movies. So much of our day to day lives are already in the cloud.

Amazon Web Services is a Public Cloud Platform that uses the standard cloud computing model. AWS provides resources and services like virtual machines, applications or storage to users remotely. It reduces the need for organisations to invest in and maintain their own on-premises IT resources. It also enables scalability to meet workload and user demands. This means there are fewer wasted resources because customers only pay for what they use.

As Cloud Consultants we help our clients on their cloud journey. We can help by migrating their infrastructure to the cloud, redesign existing cloud environments, or design new, cloud-based infrastructure to be fully cloud-native.

Our clients often have great developers. But, they lack the knowledge and experience of AWS that we offer. We can work alongside in-house teams. Or we can offer workshops and training to educate your developers.

What if you don’t have in-house developers?

We can also work in place of an internal development team. Working alongside your business to deliver cloud-ready solutions.

[If requested by a support engineer, click to download our remote support software Teamviewer HERE for Mac or PC.]

Our Services

Cloud Consultancy

AWS Solutions Architecting

Our Solution Architects are able to work with you to help you get the best out of AWS, to help with right-sizing, or to look at different approaches than lift and shift method.

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Serverless Solutions

AWS Serverless Solutions

Serverless is the modern way to build your applications and means you can spend time and money on developing the application itself rather than worrying about servers.

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Cloud Consultancy

AWS Cloud Security

At Dune Root we understand the importance of cloud security and we are able to work closely with clients to fully analyse their AWS environment and to identify where potential gaps exist

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Google Apps

G Suite / Google Cloud

As Google Cloud Partners and G Suite Resellers, we have expertise and services available Gmail, Google Drive, Google Apps, Shared Calendars and much, much more

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Amazon Web Services

Migrating to AWS

Migrating to AWS unlocks efficiencies and operational benefits you never knew were possible. We can ensure your infrastructure is designed to suit its new home in the cloud.

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Big Data

AWS Data & Analysis

Utilising the flexibility and scalability of AWS allows us to build secure and easy-to-use data and analytics solutions into a source of value generation for our customers.

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