Manchester Based Cloud Consultancy

Dune Root is a Manchester-based Cloud Consultancy specialising in Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The cloud can seem abstract and hard to grasp but we use cloud-based technology every day. From sharing files online or ordering presents and food with apps to streaming movies, so much of our day to day lives are already in the cloud.

As Cloud Consultants we help our clients on their journey in the cloud from migrating their traditional infrastructure to the cloud to improving and redesigning existing cloud environments and everything in between.

Our clients usually have great developers, but, they lack the knowledge and experience of AWS that we offer, we work alongside in-house teams directly or through workshops and training to ensure the best results. We can also work as developers for those who don’t have the people or skills in house to deliver cloud-ready solutions.

[If requested by a support engineer, click to download our remote support software Teamviewer HERE for Mac or PC.]

Our Services

We can build cloud-native applications and services using AWS serverless technologies, such as Lambda, API Gateway and DynamoDB, freeing customers from the need to manage and maintain any underlying infrastructure.

We can help you get everyone connected, whether it’s actually putting everyone on the same ‘system’ they can log on to or just setting up a file server.

Using Amazon Web Services (AWS) we are able to provide a range of services and solutions for our clients utilizing a broad set of services, allowing you to scale up and down to meet your organisation’s needs.

We offer a range of hosting and site migration services which include backups, test migrations and demo platforms before finalisation for your peace of mind.

As Google Cloud Partners and G Suite Resellers we have expertise and services available Gmail, Google Drive, Google Apps and much, much more

We can design a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system just for your business, so that you can keep better track of what is happening, with whom, and when.

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