We can move mountains!

We can move mountains!

We can also remove them!  For those of you just joining us, our website used to feature a really nice picture of a mountain.  Ok, actually it was a sand dune, but it looked a lot like a mountain because it was sand, but in black and white.  And we had it up there because we’re DUNE Root and…well, you know…picture of aforementioned dune.

Anyhoo, we’re doing a little website housekeeping, and we decided it was time for a new look.  (And, it’s easier to read.  We’re getting older now, and the mountain made us squint a little.)  We hope you like it too!

The Univerge SV8100

We’ve been doing a lot of work with the NEC Univerge SV8100 phone system recently. It’s a fantastic, flexible system, currently used at one of our clients, with 80 phones. We’re using a mixture of NEC’s digital IP handsets, plus some new VoIP handsets – all of which work really nicely together.

More about DuneRoot

Dune Root is an IT solutions provider and a web development company.

We are based on Manchester Science Park, in Manchester, UK We provide IT support for small companies – typically from 5-70 employees. Our largest client has 68 employees, whilst our smallest has just 3.

We support Unix-based setups as well as Windows Enterprise setups. Our specialism is in managing servers and networks, but we also provide IT helpdesk support , mainly for companies based in or near Manchester.

We are also a web development company, and specialise in travel web sites. The most well-known of our sites are the UK cottage site holidaycottages.cc, and the villa rental site villaseek.com. We host and maintain websites for around 50 clients. We specialise in database-driven websites, including content management systems – our main CMS platforms are Joomla, WordPress and Typo3. We develop mobile applications for iPhone, iPad and Android, using the Appcelerator plartform.

Duneroot Blog

Hi everyone

Just a quick note to say the Dune Root blog is alive and welll…. and we’re hoping to add more content and posts very soon!


Spain now a cheaper holiday destination than Turkey

The city of Girona.
Girona, Spain. Image via Wikipedia

The Villaseek blog reports that Spain is now a cheaper place to holiday in, than Turkey. This is mainly down to the cost of living and eating there whilst on holiday – food, drinks, etc. Research done by the Post Office shows that prices in Turkey have increased by 44%, whereas those in Spain have actually decreased by 30% — reflecting a general decrease in the cost of holidays within the Eurozone.

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Google wave demo

Just watching the demo of “Google Wave”, via YouTube. Welcome Looks like an amazing product – looking forward to it being Regards released…

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Welcome to Dune Root

Welcome to Dune v Root Ltd. equipment We operate Bike holiday websites wholesale jerseys including Villaseek.com and holidaycottages.cc